AIoT Use Case in the Health of the Future

Future of health is Digital Health Monitoring & AI improving health Outcomes.

Delivering a Smart Health Solution. Combining Artificial Intelligence & Connected Devices. Digital Health Sensors. Remote Patient Connected Health. Better Connected Care.

Digital health technology enabling telehealth & remote patient electronic health data intelligence

Discover How Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring And Artificial Intelligence Can Support Increased Healthcare Access, Health Decision Support, Personalized Healthcare For Better Population Health Outcomes.

5 V’s of Patient Generated Health Data can drive Optimal Health Personalization & Self-Care Abilities to a new level.

Track Health Holistically with health watch connected wearable, health apps & medical devices

Future Healthcare Professionals will have greater data volume, data velocity and data variety available on patient lifestyle patterns as the millions across the world daily use smart heath apps, smart  health watches and smart health devices to plan and track activity, calorie burn, Diet daily intake, Sleep duration, body mass index, Sleep quality and much more.

Data veracity is also being improved by the window into compliance and adherence of patients to daily healthy lifestyle activities in their home environments and offers more reliable baseline data to compare lifestyle changes against, thereby reducing uncertainty.

Healthcare professionals will play a pivotal role in unlocking the holistic lifestyle data value as decision support to provide informative patient insights and personalized health guidance, further empowering and motivating patients to achieve optimized better health outcomes.

eHealth Medical alerts from Remote Patient Monitoring Securely to HIPAA EHR

More effective Chronic Disease and Complex Health Conditions Management

Tracking Longitudinal Patient Data on Biomedical Risk Factors Can Enhance Remote Patient Care Management & Practice Improvement Programs.

Untap the enhanced Clinical Assessment potential of using Longitudinal Patient Data from ‘In-home Patient Health Technology as a strategy’ in the management of Chronic and Complex Health conditions with blood pressure monitoring, Smart ECG checking heart rate and for some arrhythmia’s, Blood Sugar Level / Diabetes Monitoring, Home delivered cholesterol test, body temperature and weight management programs and more, which can make a very valuable contribution monitoring deterioration or track progress in Chronic Disease Patients and  Health Complex Conditions.

Leverage collected Patient Data on a longitudinal basis to enhance clinical diagnostic skills and assist your clinical judgement.

Digital Health Technology can assist in closing information gaps in the patient feedback loop enhancing care management and enabling proactive and personalized patient care inside and outside of healthcare facilities, improving patient health outcomes, reducing the number of acute visits, and lowering hospital re-admissions.

Healthcare Innovation Extending the Health Services Delivery Model

Personalized Health With Better Health Outcomes & Better Patient Experience Enabled With An E2E securely Integrated eHealth Workflow

Patients and Clinicians adopting health technology can enhance both patient health literacy and therapeutic relationships, and in addition can keep both patients and clinicians safe from contagion. Secure unified communications can allow for my regular contact with patients, resulting in a drop in safety incidents, particularly those of high risk of some sort of adverse event. Joining up patient virtual health journeys using commonly available smartphone/smartwatch technologies, and securely integrating this health data in the EHR workflow can avoid the consequences of poor health data quality, reduce patient management problems, avoid unnecessary hospital outcomes and enhance patient self-care abilities.

interoperable connected health

Extending Healthcare Access, Healthcare Quality & Supporting Remote Healthcare Services Delivery Using Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring.

This virtual care model can be used effectively as a triage tool, for follow-up Assessments, as well as care coordination to channel patients efficiently into the correct care setting, directly in their home environment. Enabled by the key components of telehealth, connected health at-home Patient Digital Health Devices, Health Apps and Health Wearables, Health IoT and Secure HIPAA Health Clouds, facilitates easier implementation of use cases concepts such as the Medical Home, aged care home health services, chronic disease in-home care management, post-operative home care and rehabilitation at home programs.

Applied Artificial Intelligence driving health analytics

Health Data, Health Information & Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Accelerating an Evidence Based ‘Learning’ Smart Healthcare System

Every Patient and Every Clinician can contribute to population health in the digital Future of Health with an end-to-end Digital Healthcare System. Leveraging patient measured health outcomes together with health monitoring, across lifestyle changes, different treatment interventions and medications interventions creates valuable aggregated research datasets and rich electronic health records. Combined with advanced technologies such as Health Big Data, Health Machine Learning, Health Artificial Intelligence, Clinical researchers can streamline analysis and trials, yielding accelerated better health outcomes discovery.

Enabling Digital Wellness, Digital Health & Digital Healthcare.

Technology Expertise Can Create Smart Technology Solution & Products

Technology can drive their health products and healthcare service offerings to enhance or transform their patient’s at-home health & care experience, health engagement and health outcomes.

Telehealth bringing doctor to home
Telemedicine connected care solution monitoring health management

Technology Can Be a Powerful Catalyst For Creating New Opportunities For Better Future Health Outcomes.

Technology like Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring And Artificial Intelligence Health Solutions Can Build A Foundation To Support The Delivery Of Increased Healthcare Access, Provide Health Decision Support, Empower Personalized Healthcare And Enable Better Population Health Outcomes.

interoperable connected health

Harness Data Driven Digital Personalised Healthcare with a Patient Centric Care Model Approach.

Digitally enabled data driven health decisions for better patient engagement, better patient satisfaction and better patient care. Digital Health can support improved patient outcomes and HrQoL.

Focus on Reducing Healthcare Cost

Improve Healthcare Access, Develop new Digital Healthcare Service Delivery Models, Leverage AI Decision Support.

Telehealth, Remote Digital Health Monitoring & AI can cost effectively expand Healthcare Service coverage and Patient Care Management outside traditional healthcare facilities locations conveniently to Patients in-home.

Applied Artificial Intelligence driving health analytics

Scale Discovery, Efficiency and Research to Population Health Impacts in a Digital Future of Health Faster.

The Economic and Social Value of easily scaled-up, improved and successful Digitally assisted Health interventions and new healthcare delivery models can yield more than Population Health QALY gains.

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Digital health technology enabling telehealth & remote patient electronic health data intelligence
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