Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Data Analytics. IoT

Applying Technology Intelligence to Accelerate smarter discoveries and outcomes

We Build & Manage Python AI/ML Models to solves complex problems and uncover new Data Pattern & feature insights with results you can understand and trust.

AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Analytics

Helping you Easily apply technology intelligence for a data-driven transformation to any project—any size, any level.

Our AI/ML Services Capabilities Image Classification Object detection Image Segmentation Regression Forecasting Text Classification Recommendations SVM Cluster Analysis Deep Learning

Turn AI Capabilities into tangible business outcomes

Focus on Reducing Healthcare Cost

Increase efficiency, Reduce costs, Improve Quality. Make data-driven business decisions based on extracted relevant features and stats

interoperable connected health

Enable new features in products and service solutions. Get intelligent insights to your customers and into their experiences 

Digital Health Product Launch

Develop new IP or a competitive advantage to disrupt the market

health information empowering health innovation

Enhance workflow productivity with  elements such as chatbots, robotics, NLP, Test-speech & more

Harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to accelerate change for your organisation.

We can add value to projects across areas like Smart Agriculture Smart Energy & Utilities Healthcare Imaging Bioinformatics Time Series Data Sensors & IoT

Turn AI Capabilities into tangible business outcomes

Our framework for Project Success

How We delivers AI/ML services Projects

Intelligence Technology Innovation
Telemedicine connected care solution monitoring health management

We value a LEAN & Agile Implementation approach to value creation & project delivery. Our preferred model is to start with a proof of concept or a ‘Proof-of-value’ as we like to call it.

  • Research of UX needs, Use Case,  Organisation Objectives.
  • Data Source & Types of data.
  • Advanced Analytics & Data visualisation.
  • Assess Data Quality
  • Data Fusion, Cleaning, Augmentation.
  • Split dataset into test, validation & training.
  • Select an appropriate AI/ML Model.
  • Solution Proof of concept.
  • Model Training.
  • Model Performance Optimisation.
  • Model Robustness.
  • Computational Resources.
  • Select Modelling techniques
  • Solution deployment.
  • Plan model monitoring and maintenance:

Our End Project Goal

Deliver great AI/ML models using Cost Effective and Efficient AI/ML Solutions, Research & Technology Services Offerings with Python.

As a Business Analyst we have consulting experience with Technology Multinationals, OEM Suppliers & Start-ups across Technology Systems Integration, Hardware & Software Engineering, Digital Marketing. 

We possess strong commercial and business acumen with engineering knowledge and understanding of the financial, accounting, marketing and operational functions of an organisation. 

We build relationships based on credibility and trust using relevant research, analysis and evidence to deliver value for money outcomes.

Start to Harness the power of AI/ML for your organisation today!

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics & IoT Sensation360
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